About Us

PT. Tan Tirta Sejahtera OfficePT. Tan Tirta Sejahtera was founded in Sukoreno, Prigen, Kab. Pasuruan, East Java - Indonesia, since 2011, to answer the market demand for fruit juice-based beverages fruit which is growing day by day. We see the uniqueness of particular fruit that rarely made into juice can be a potential product to fill the market demand. We want to position ourselves to be the major market players in Indonesia and even foreign countries in the area of fruit juice beverages, for that we are working ourselves to the cultivation of fresh fruit processed into juice drinks.

The core values we stand for the company is very high and we actually put into practice in every aspect of the company. These things are :Gudang Produksi PT. Tan Tirta Sejahtera

  1. Customer Satisfaction
  2. Pursuing Quality
  3. Benefits for All

Thus, we believe it can earn the trust of many people, achieving progress and serve the market more broadly.

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